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About Michael
Who In The World is Michael Spremulli?

Prior to discovering his niche, Michael Spremulli, The Student Profiler used to be the worst employee on the face of the earth! He’d show up late, call in sick, shirk his job responsibilities – he was flat out awful. But let’s back up a bit.

Michael entered the workforce after earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in psychology. He worked in a variety of mental health settings providing counseling and therapy. He began his career path with a positive attitude, a desire to positively impact people’s lives, and a strong motivation to make what he assumed would be a lucrative living in the mental health field. But things did not go exactly as planned.

First, he quickly found that the mental health profession was not nearly as lucrative as he expected it to be. That was a real bummer. The next thing that Michael discovered was that he was spending the majority of his time filling out paper work, instead of working with clients. Sometimes, he actually found himself nodding off during the middle of therapy sessions with his clients – not a good thing. But wait, there’s more.

The straw that broke the camel’s (Michael’s) back, occurred when he was working for the Georgia Department of Corrections – yep Michael went to prison – as a counselor for mental health inmates. For many reasons, this was the worst place for Michael to be working. He quickly became de-motivated and transformed into a horrible employee (see above). The prison was a poor match with Michael’s abilities, motivators, and personality. He was miserable, his wife was miserable, something had to change.

>>>>>Fast forward Michael’s career here.

Michael eventually built on his education in psychology, got some advanced training in the area of personality assessment, formed The Chrysalis Corporation, and began working with corporations as a personality profiler. He discovered that he could apply the majority of skills that he already acquired during his education process to the corporate world and assist companies in making better hiring decisions.

Michael currently consults with companies throughout the United States on a regular basis to ensure that job applicants have the right abilities, motivators, and personality for the position they are applying for. Sometimes referred to as the “Simon Cowell of personality profiling”, Michael has a reputation of telling it like it is. He does not beat around the bush while working with companies when it comes to discussing an applicant’s degree of fit with a position.

His direct approach creates a win/win situation. Companies end up hiring only the best matched, top-performers, and applicants are saved the frustration of ending up in a job that is a poor fit for them and that they will ultimately hate.

Here’s the ironic part. If Michael had access to the information that he currently uses in his consulting practice when he was plotting his career path, he would have saved a tremendous amount of time and money, and would have avoided most of the frustration he experienced along the way. That’s what prompted Michael to bring this critical career information to college students.

Through his college keynote presentations and individual consulting, Michael helps college students determine their “student profile”, which ultimately translates into their Life Profile. Once a person discovers their Life Profile and learns truly what makes them tick, it is much easier for them to align their abilities, motivators, and personality traits with a career that they are passionate about.

To bottom-line it, Michael helps college students figure out what they want and discover their ideal career path.


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