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Career Action Plan
Are you looking for the Career Action Plan that Michael mentioned during his presentation? You can download the FREE Career Action Plan here.
Comedic Career Profiler
Who says that discovering your ideal career can't have it's humorous moments. For a truly unique job profile, click on this link. You'll want to share this one with your friends. (You will need Microsoft EXCEL installed on your computer to view the file.)
Still in College -- Already in Debt?
If you are racking up those student loans and your credit card debt mounting up, you may want to evaluate your money management habits. Check out Dave Ramsey's web site. Dave's mission in life is helping people get out of debt, and stay out. His daily syndicated radio talk show can be listened to for free, right from his web site or on one of 260 radio stations across throughout the U.S. He'll teach you how to manage your money, instead of letting your money manage you. Visit

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