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Surefire Secrets for
Finding Your Ideal Career
Presented by
Michael Spremulli
The Student Profiler
“Helping College Students Figure Out What They Want!”
Has This Ever Happened To You?
Have you ever met someone who was focused on a career goal without any anxiety or worry about what they were going to do after college? Someone who seemed to have it all figured out and knew exactly where they wanted to go in life? It’s as if they had access to some type of inside information.
Wouldn't you love to know precisely what information they had?
An Hour That Will
Change Your Life Forever!
Immerse yourself in a one-hour, life changing experience. You will learn fluff-free action oriented principles that they don’t teach you in school, your parents are unaware of, and none of your friends know about. This information will propel you onto the path of a rewarding and exciting career, one that you are passionate about. Imagine just for a moment what it will feel like to actually be excited when you show up to work every day. Now stop imagining – this can be your reality.
As bright and accomplished as you are, you may have no idea what steps need to be taken to gain focus and clarity about your personal purpose and career goals – but you will!
In This Presentation, You Will Learn:
  • How to avoid the career planning pitfalls that 99% of college
    students fall into.
  • How a pig can help you gain insight into your personality
    (yes - a pig!) and career.
  • 6 "hidden" motivators and how they are directly linked
    to your career success.
  • What you are passionate about in 3 minutes or less.
  • The "big 4" personality types and why it is essential that
    you discover your type.
  • How to save time, energy, frustration, and money by
    avoiding wrong career paths.
  • How going to prison helped Michael's career (don't worry - it's not what you think).
  • The secrets to put you on the path to a successful and rewarding career.
Who In The World is
Michael Spremulli?
Michael Spremulli is a corporate personality profiler who helps companies identify and hire top performers. He’s got the inside secrets to help people figure out what they want out of life and attain career success beyond their own expectations.
Guaranteed Results!
If after Michael's program you are not completely satisfied, he respectfully asks that you rip up his check. Michael makes this bold guarantee because out of the countless number of programs he's presented, no one has ever requested their money back. Once again, Michael extends this guarantee so you can feel completely confident in your decision to invite him to speak at your campus.
Get more information about having Michael speak at your college or university. Visit our Contact Page by clicking HERE to request a promo back.
Want to see Michael in action now? View Michael's video online. Click HERE to view Michael's video.

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