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Top Personality Profiler and Speaker is fed up with colleges and professors that don't teach you what you really need to know to get the job of your dreams and be totally happy in your career....
-- Special Report For College Students --
"Finally, There's a Quick and Easy
Way To Learn How To Match The Real You With The Perfect Job”

Your ability to position yourself into the perfect job with the education you have gained is the most important and most widely overlooked decision that you will ever make.
From: Michael Spremulli, The Student Profiler
Re: VITAL Information That Every College Student Needs to Know but No One Is Telling Them
You've studied and gone to classes for years with hopes of landing not just a job – but that perfect career. Here’s a question for you. When you talk with friends of yours who are out there in the working world and ask them if they are happy in their current job, what do they say? Are they happy? Sure some of them are, but I’d bet that the majority of them are not.
According to a recent study, more than 50% of Americans HATE their job! Why is that number so high? The answer is really quite simple. Like you, they were probably never taught an important secret element that is directly linked to your career success.
I've done something very special for you...
I'm going to let you in on a big secret.

Hi, my name is Michael Spremulli. You may have heard me speak at your college, at a conference, on my podcast or on a recent radio interview. I'm known as “The Student Profiler.”
Because I consult with companies throughout the country on a regular basis helping them hire top performers, I know how important it is for you, the college student, to identify your ideal career path sooner rather than later.
On a regular basis, I see gazillions of people applying for positions that they have no business applying for. Why? Because their internal landscape, or personality, is a poor fit with the job. This could be you or your classmates. When I work with corporations, my role is to identify candidates who are the absolute best fit with a position, while screening out everyone else. You don’t need to be screened out.
As painful as it can be, the screening and assessment process actually creates a win/win situation. Companies end up hiring only the best matched, top-performers, and applicants are saved the frustration of ending up in a job that is a poor fit for them and that they will ultimately hate.
I know exactly what it takes for you to end up in a career that you are skilled and passionate about!
Here’s the ironic part. If I had access to the information that I currently use in my consulting practice when I was plotting my own career path, this would have saved me a tremendous amount of time and money (about $40,000), and I would have avoided most of the frustration I experienced along the way. That’s what prompted me to share this critical career information with you – the college student.
Save Yourself Time, Frustration, and Money
For the past 15 years, I've been searching for an easy and effective profiling system to share my knowledge and expertise as a corporate personality profiler with you. I wanted a way to help you identify a career path that fits like a glove and I didn't’t want it to cost an arm and leg.
This was not an easy undertaking. Many of the tools and processes that I use with corporations cost hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars. I knew that would not work for many college students.
After countless hours of research, investigation, and testing, I’ve been able to assemble a profiling system that gives you the insights you deserve and meets all of my strict requirements:
It's easy to use
It doesn't take a tremendous amount of time
It's incredibly accurate and insightful, and...
EVERYONE can afford it
I work and live in Valdosta, GA. and love helping college students across the country just like you save yourself from making costly mistakes with your career planning decisions.
This system is based on over 15 years of my practical, real world experience!
I've organized this into one simple profiling system giving you instant answers in less than 15 minutes…
Discover a simple way for you to learn how to match who you are inside with a career that excites and energies you – it’s based on the DISCself™ assessment.
Here’s what one student had to say about my system...

"This profiling system is so quick and easy"...

Mr. Spremulli:

I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your profiling system and how it clearly shows me “who I am as a person” as well as the perfect direction for my future.

I love how it prompts me to think about the real me and what I actually should be doing with my life.

Thank you so much; you've saved me so much time and worry.

All the best,

Keith C.
Albright College

Let me bottom-line this for you...
Your ability to match who you are as a person inside
with your career is the most important and
most widely overlooked part of the equation for
your true happiness for the next 40 years...
You see, no matter how much you have studied and how many exams you have passed with “flying colors”, it doesn’t do you any good if you end up in an unfulfilling position where you hate getting up in the morning. By the way, more than half of Americans are in this exact situation.
I've looked at all the products and so called “guru counselors," and quite frankly, most of them are disappointing. The majority of them are either way too pricy, not very accurate, or a combination of both.
That's why I decided to put together this special profiling system just for you, the college student.
This is the fastest way to get you into the job of your dreams that fits you and your personality perfectly.
You'd probably like to hear a few more
comments I've received from students who
have already experienced my system...

"I learned more in that one hour about who I am and what job is best for me than I have from talking to anyone else"...

Hello Michael:

First, my apologies for the delay in getting back to you sooner. I’ve been out on job interviews all this week and it’s so cool to feel like I am in charge of my future.

It’s taken all the stress out of job hunting since I now know exactly what is best for me!

Megan S.
Elizabethtown College


"This is a priceless service you offer!"...


Thank you so much for helping me with my career. Later in my life when I look back at my career decisions, I know I will have you to thank for giving me the tool that helped me with making good decisions.

Thank you so much!

Abbey L.

Here's everything I've included for you
in this special college profiling system:
You'll discover for yourself how to pick and choose the perfect job position that will reward you greatly...
After responding to this sophisticated behavioral profile created by Dr. Tony Alessandra, you will be able to easily determine your:
  • Strengths & Struggles – Clearly identify where you are really strong and how to take full advantage of your skills. Knowing this information enables you to immediately eliminate career paths that are a poor fit for you and pursue ones that match you perfectly
  • Areas for Improvement – Shows you in exact detail the areas where you can concentrate on to add value to yourself as a person as well as in the workplace. Knowing this information makes you more marketable to employers.
  • What You Need – Your personality style has specific needs. The more fully your needs are met, the easier it is to perform at your optimal level. Being able to connect with a career that meets YOUR needs is like striking oil.
  • What Motivates Your Style – Certain things motivate you, while other things take the wind out of your sails. Knowing what motivates you gives you the upper hand in seeking out a work environment where you are most likely to be self-motivated on a regular basis.
  • Work Preferences to fit YOU – You will gain insights as you work in a job or as you work together on a team.
  • Communication Tips – You’ll learn how to clearly communicate with others, and just as important, how others need to communicate with you
  • Behavior Styles – Discover how to quickly identify “who” is standing in front of you and how to interact with them in a way that is mutually beneficial. This section of the report is like getting an instruction manual on how to understand and connect with your co-workers, colleagues, and even your professors.
  • Modifications – Never change who are but learn how to “be on the same level” as the person you are interacting with. It’s a proven fact that those who are successful in any career have mastered the art of connecting with people. This section of the report will show you how to do just that.
college career personality profile test sample  

Click Here to View a Few Sample Pages From a DISCself™ Assessment

Please Note: This Sample is only 6 pages long. Your personalized report will contain 29 pages of information!

Yes, I've organized this into one simple profiling system giving you instant answers in less than 15 minutes…
Your schedule is packed as a college student and probably don't have countless hours to spare. This system allows you to dive right in and get quickly get to the core of who and what you are. Armed with this information, mapping out your ideal career path becomes incredibly simple.
As you read earlier, I personally have researched and reviewed hundreds of assessments – there are many out there. Most are garbage, a few a good – this one is OUTSTANDING. That’s why I contacted Dr. Alessandra and teamed up with him to make this powerful tool available to all college students at a price you can afford.
In addition to your personalized report, I’m including several other tools that will give you all the resources you need to land you on the right career path. This is not just a career assessment, but a complete system. More on that in a second.
Just a few more notes from college students just like you...

"I sure feel like I hit the jack-pot tonight!"...

Mike, Wow! I've gotta say it - you really helped me see who I am and the direction I should be going .I can’t thank you enough!

Robby S.
Towson University


"I can't believe that you offer so much for such a low price ... a text book for one class cost 5 times as much money" ...

Hey Michael,

I never heard anyone ever talking about this stuff. I think you saved me from making a big mistake. Currently I’m a biology major and now I realize that this is not a path that I’ll be happy with long term.

After taking your assessment of who I am and what I really should be looking for, I finally know how to focus on the best thing for me.

I will let you know how it all turns out. See ya.

Danny W.
Penn State U.

Okay, let's summarize the benefits
that you’ll receive from this process:
  • A crystal clear understanding of your behavioral style.
  • Insider information that will insure the perfect job fit for you.
  • Detailed information that can save you potentially as much as $40,000 dollars in lost income.
  • The ability to take advantage of all your recognized strengths and earn the money you're worth.
  • Strategies that will save you from wasting time in a career that is not right for you
  • Peace of mind that you have clear direction for your life.
  • Clearly put, this is a system that clarifies motivates you and how to take full advantage of your fullest potential.
"Okay, Michael -- I'm In
So What's It Gonna Cost Me?"

How could I possibly price this package at what it's really worth to you in potential income and happyness for you and your family?
The information revealed to you can be literally worth thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone who grabs the true value, and implements and internalizes the knowledge base and strategies that you are provided.
If you had a face-to-face a consultation with me in my office you'd pay $1,500.00, plus have travel and hotel costs on top of that.
I wanted to make this system affordable and accessible to every college student that wants and needs my help.
With the profiling system and all the special bonuses that are included (see below), $497 would be bargain, and at $297 it would be a steal. But I'm not going to ask you to part with that much, not nearly.
For a limited time, you can try out this complete package for only $29.95.
Why so low, you ask? Here are a few reasons...
  • First – you want this information! The stuff I share with you in the multi-media debriefing session includes things that they don’t teach you in school. Colleges are in the business of selling degrees – I’m in the business of telling it like it is in the real world.
  • Second, internet technology lowers the investment for you because it saves a huge amount of overhead expenses for me. There are no printing, manufacturing, or delivery costs -- just my website server that costs me the same, no matter what.
  • Lastly, I want to help you succeed. I personally spent over $40,000 on a degree that was not a good fit with my behavior and personality style. I want to give you the opportunity to learn from my experience and avoid making the same costly and time wasting mistakes I did.
To get your Career Profiling System which
includes your personalized DISCself™
for only $29.95 click on the order button

You have absolutely nothing to lose
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed...

I offer you my iron-clad, full 45-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee. If my profiling system doesn’t exceed your expectations and you aren't happy for any reason, just send me a note and the full amount will be promptly refunded to you. Discovering your personal behavioral profile will be the most important process you will ever experience. Don’t miss out on what 95% of college students don’t even know about. Get the edge now.
Do You Need Even More Incentives to
Help You with this Decision? Ok, You Win!
Every DISCself™ assessment also comes with FOUR FREE bonuses worth $321.94. In addition to your personalized assessment results, you receive:

A FREE e-copy of PeopleSmarts, a 269-page PDF e-book (valued at $14.97) – This book (co-authored by Dr. Tony Alessandra & Dr. Michael O’Connor) discloses 32+ years of behavioral research to help you identify and adapt to the four behavioral styles you encounter at work, at home, and in your social relationships.


A FREE 52-week e-learning system (valued at $27.00) – all about behavioral styles. Each week, you’ll receive a brief, practical email that will help you put the information you learned in your report into action.


Five FREE MP3 audios (valued at $29.97) –on the crucial complementary subjects of resolving conflict, nonverbal communications, and listening skills.


An online, on demand Multi-Media Debriefing Session hosted by me (valued at $250.00). This is where I literally walk you through the process of interpreting and understanding all the sections of your personalized report. This includes a detailed explanation of how to interpret your eGrpahs. In this session, you receive over one hour of step-by-step-instruction, information, and insider strategies. Access this session online, anytime -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s like having me “on call.” This is the stuff that I charge my corporate consulting clients $250.00 an hour to explain, but I’m throwing it in for you as a bonus so that you can really get the most out of your assessment results. You get over hour hour of fluff-free content!

One Final Thought
You may be asking yourself, “Michael – with so many different career tests available online, why should I invest in yours?” The answer is simple.
The majority of assessments out there simply dump the results in your lap and you are on your own to figure out how to understand and implement the results. With my system, I provide you with a ton of support materials that make it easy for you to discover your ideal career path.
For less than what you probably spend on Starbucks®’ Venti Hazelnut Lattes in a week, you can give yourself a tremendous advantage over the majority of college students and embark on a career – not just a job.
You now have a choice. You can continue along your college path and hope that you’ll get lucky and land that dream job. Or, you can take charge of your career path and get access to insider career strategies that more than 95% college students don’t even know exists. The choice is yours.
I wish you great success, and remember, life is too short to be stuck in a career that you hate!
Michael Spremulli
The Student Profiler
Sorry - Currently Sold Out!

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